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Sarolta G. DeFaltay is a NCGR2 certified professional Astrologer and Tarot consultant, and was the first to offer daily horoscopes for the mobile market, offered by Nextel Wireless from 2003 to early 2007. She now offers her insights through her daily magical astrology eZines, personal consultations and personalized classes in magical astrology.

She is a member of NCGR, The National Council for Geocosmic Research, the astrological organization dedicated to elevating the art and practice of astrological research, and has attained Level 2 certification.

She has helped many clients empower themselves to make better choices by working with the planetary cycles instead of against them... timing really is everything. She can also help create personal rituals based on the client's personal needs and astrological cycles.

Sarolta is a sixth generation intuitive, raised by her Hungarian mother, also an astrologer. She began her lifelong study of metaphysics in childhood, reading tarot and I Ching at twelve years of age, naturally progressing to astrology and holistic healing. She was trained in shamanistic healing techniques in the late 1980s, and combines those techniques with Shiatsu, Reiki and breathwork, to help her clients release old patterns and emotional imbalances.

Sarolta is an ordained Priestess Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis, and offers in-depth classes for spiritual and magical growth, as well as a more general class for those not ready to make a major commitment. She is currently qualified to teach the Adepti and Magi degrees in a specialized curriculum based on the Fellowship of Isis liturgies.

Sarolta is a contributor to the book Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals and Traditions From Around The World , published by Ten Speed Press, and publishes an annual workbook Magical Astrology Guide . She has been a contributor to SageWoman magazine's A Circle Is Cast column, combining astrology and ritual in her unique style.

Currently, Sarolta is working on fulfilling her goal to become a healer, and is taking the pre-requisite classes to gain admittance to nursing school. She currently lives in her hometown of Ithaca, NY, having moved back in the summer of 2008. Once she earns her RN certification, she thinks she might want to specialize in geriatrics and hospice care, utilizing a holistic approach to nursing and wellness management.


Message from Sarolta...

What is Planetary Alchemy?
Each and every one of us has a cosmic signature, an astrological fingerprint, that makes us unique, with specific gifts, challenges, and most important—
individual purpose and potential. I have dedicated my life’s work to helping my clients and students find their unique blueprint, so they can work within their own customized astrological signatures to reach full potentiality. There is a reason you are different from everyone else!

Why try to live up to someone else’s idea of what is and what should be?

You know deep within when someone tells you what you should be, do, etc if it is not in alignment with your true inner knowing. I’m here to validate that inner knowing... as well as help you separate your own ideals, beliefs, and purpose from the beliefs and ideals of others that you have been fed your entire life.

You deserve to live your life as your true self - making no apologies for being who you are.

Evolve, Transmute, and Enjoy,

- Sarolta


IMPORTANT NOTE: The services offered may be a complement to your own mental health care, and are not intended to be a replacement for such care.

While holistic astrology and healing techniques have their place in wellness management, it is always best to seek professional medical and mental health care for the symptoms you may be experiencing.

We do not: diagnose, perform medical or psychological treatment, prescribe treatment, pharmaceuticals or supplements.








Know thyself. —Socrates
Know thy planets. —Sarolta