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Lunar Cycles Made Easy

New Moon
The time to begin new projects; whatever house it transits in the birth chart will be the prominent theme for the month. Usually, the twelve houses are "visited" by the New Moon around the same time each year, and when the New Moon transits the First House, it signifies the querent's Lunar New Year, and the beginning of a new cycle.

It is a good idea to look ahead for your year... if the New Moon is in the First House this month, then it will probably be in the Second House next month, and so on... you have to look at your own chart to determine where the New Moon falls. Sometimes you may skip a house or have the New Moon visit the same house two months in a row. You have to look at your personal natal chart to know for sure.

For a more detailed look at how it transits your individual birthchart. Consider ordering a chart which includes instructions for finding the New Moon in your
chart and more. There are also personal astrology reports for help in interpreting it, or personal consultations available via email or phone.


Waxing Moon: from New growing to Full
A time of increase.
Focus daily on projects begun at the New Moon, building energy until it peaks at the next Full Moon.


Full Moon
Peak intensity; heightened spiritual and ritual energy.
The energy is in effect about three days before and three days after the exact day.
It is most intense right before the exact time of the Full Moon.


Waning Moon: Decreasing from Full to New
A time of letting go.
Cleansing, Purging, Clearing.
Making psychic room for the next waxing cycle! see: Ritual for Letting Go.


Solar Eclipse
Solar eclipses only occur on a New Moon.
All eclipses signify transformation.
New Moon initiating energies amplified; very intense.
Energies in effect for the entire year.
Sometimes signifies sudden or far reaching changes regarding matters ruled
by the house it transits in the birth chart.


Lunar Eclipse
Lunar eclipses only occur on a Full Moon.
Energies are amplified and the house it transits will be a major focus for at least
six months.
Sometimes signifies emotional changes in the house it transits in the birth chart.

All eclipses signify transformation.


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