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The New Moon Through the Houses

Astrology has been used for centuries as a tool for prediction, and a simple and practical way for anyone to follow their own cycles is to observe where the New Moon falls in their chart.

Following the path of the New Moon through the natal or progressed houses can give an indication of where the focus will lie, not only as far as external events,
but also what to expect on a psychological level as well.

By observing the lunar cycles, you can attune to the spiritual aspects as well as the practical, following the moon as it passes through each of the twelve houses.

Each one of the astrological houses represents a particular domain in the querent's life. By focusing on the energies of that house, it can be an auspicious time to start new projects or deal with the everyday issues of that house.

The Astrological Houses
First House
Beginnings, the personality, the physical body, personal affairs and ventures.

Second House
Personal income, finances, resources, security issues, needs.

Third House
Siblings and neighbors, communications, writing, speaking, everyday transportation, written tests, study, short trips.

Fourth House
Home life, parents, remodeling, relocating, clearing old business, plans for
the future.

Fifth House
Romance, arts, entertainment, creativity, children, investments, gambling, fun.

Sixth House
Health, habits, routines, jobs and employment, diet, service to others.

Seventh House
Personal and business partnerships, learning cooperation, teamwork; marriage.

Eighth House
Joint resources, financial dealings with others, legacies, inheritance; merging, death, sex, surgery.

Ninth House
Travel, religious or intellectual learning, teaching, philosophy, legal activities, publishing.

Tenth House
Authority figures, parents, career, honors, business, public acclaim.

Eleventh House
Group activities, networking, friends, hopes and wishes, earned income,
goals, community.

Twelfth House
Solitude, introspection, research and investigation, therapy, the subconscious realm, psychic abilities, dreams.


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