Your wisdom
and encouragement
helped to get me through what was perhaps
my darkest hour.

—JN, DeKalb, IL





Know thyself. Socrates
Know thy planets. Sarolta




A personal consultation can often help one find a new way to look at present and future life events. By attuning to our personal planetary cycles, we can better work with the energies at hand.

A personal consultation with a trained astrologer
is the best way to get truly accurate astrological information for the times ahead. It takes a trained astrologer to integrate the entire chart, and
interpret it as a balanced whole.

Schedule your appointment.
Booking 1 - 3 weeks in advance.
Readings are available by phone, email or tape.
All consultations are pre-paid. See Terms.


Types of Readings
Below are descriptions of the kinds of individual and highly personalized consultations that are available with Sarolta.

An interpretation of the birth chart, including soul lessons, as well as strengths and challenges.
Very spiritually oriented and empowering - my goal is to help you focus on integrating all the different aspects. How to work with your tougher aspects
in an empowering way, based on your chart.

This is how you have evolved from your natal chart to the present. It is very indicative of an internal need for transformation, as opposed to having it come from external influences. I can combine natal, transits and progressed into a reading based on your concerns. Or give a more in-depth interpretation, depending on your present needs and concerns.

Birthday reading: Solar Return
This is the birthday reading. I like to combine it with transits and progressions for the year.

Goddess Astrology
This is in addition to a natal reading. Where are the Asteroid Goddesses in your chart? How do they influence the rest of your chart? All my readings come from a balanced and Goddess-oriented perspective. But this email mini reading is one specifically about the asteroid Goddesses. This is not a computer generated report, but rather a hand written interpretation. I spend a lot of time meditating on the mandala of the chart before I write it.

I combine this reading with progressions and your solar return chart and give the highlights of the coming year. Very in-depth. This is not a computer generated report.

Synastry readings compare the two charts while a composite reading is the chart of the relationship itself. I combine both, to give an in-depth reading based on your questions and concerns. Mini reading available, but with a more specific focus.

Considering a move to another city? I will compare your natal chart to your relocation chart, to see what aspects of your personality will be enhanced with any given location.

Finding the best time for a marriage, starting a business, or launching a new enterprise. A good electional chart is like a blessing. It helps smooth out the rough spots that all relationships and businesses are likely to encounter.This takes a long time to prepare looking at the charts of many possible times.

Ritual Planning and Timing
Based on your chart and your specific concern,
I will construct a specific ritual to work with your issue, and give you the best time to perform it. Available upon special request.



Basic Rates
$100 for 60 minutes
$125 for 90 minutes

$40 for 30 minutes
$75 for 60 minutes

Mini-readings [1-3 questions] by email only,
email for prices.

add $10 for tape; includes postage

Prices reflect the additional preparation time needed
for astrology readings. I spend a minimum of 1-2 hours looking over the charts before a reading instead of the intuitive approach I use in a tarot reading.

Usually I add tarot to my astrology readings, if appropriate. Some questions can be answered more clearly if tarot is used in addition to astrology.

How to Set-up Your Reading
To get the most from your consultation, email me with your specific concerns and what you hope to learn. I can recommend the reading most suitable for your needs.

If you are unsure how long your reading should be, include a brief description in your email of what you’d like to cover. I'll let you know the amount of time needed to cover the questions you have. Once we agree on terms, I will send an invoice for that reading.

• All readings are prepaid.
• I begin preparing your reading on recieving payment.
• 24 hour notice required to reschedule phone readings.
• Cancelled appointments are non-refundable once I have begun preparing your reading.

Phone consultations
When setting an appointment time, please provide me with your phone number. I will call you at the scheduled time.

Allow 2 -3 weeks delivery time for a taped consultation.

After setting the type and length of the reading, I will send you an Paypal invoice via email. You can pay by check or credit card by using PayPal. Once payment is received, I begin the research on your chart.

To pay by check or money order, contact me for details. I do not begin research until payment clears.