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Know thy planets. Sarolta




"Sarolta's classes
are packed with information delivered
with a comfortable,
relaxed, unique, and
lively wisdom..."



"Her classes encompass and acknowledge many traditions and disciplines..."



"She encourages questions and
self reflection...
and gives students
suggestions and
resources for further investigation."

L.D., Chicago





The recommended reading list and the articles below will ground you in the basic concepts to help you work with the astrological energies that are present at
any particular time.

Look at the transits as windows of opportunity, when you can "ride the current" rather than trying to swim upstream.

Learn how to make the most of your astrological opportunities.

Lunar Cycles Made Easy
Magical Timing: How and Why
The New Moon Through the Houses
Casting a Circle
A Ritual for Letting Go
Eclipse Meditation Ritual

A Message from Sarolta...

At this time, I will not be offering any classes, since I am very busy taking classes myself! [see my bio for more information]. I may decide to take on anyone who is "called" to be a serious student, so it would not hurt to contact me if you feel a strong desire to study with me. :-)

Blessings, Sarolta

Magical Astrology Online Class

The Magical Astrology class is a private study and discussion group based on the Magical Astrology Guide: 2008. Students at all levels of experience are welcome.The class is ongoing and you may join at any time.

Those who enroll have access to the latest online version of the Magical Astrology Guide, and can ask questions and discuss the material with other class members.

I teach the class how to use the Guide and I lead the discussion. I keep a folder of all class members’ charts, so that I can answer questions about the rituals specific to your personal chart.

Magical Astrology Guide 2008 includes:

  1. charts and instructions to follow the
    new moon through your natal chart.
  2. candle rituals for 365 days based on astrological alignments.
  3. planetary rituals for the 8 seasonal holidays [sabbats] based on current planetary energies.
  4. planetary aromatherapy, herbs
    and oils, incense.
  5. new moon magic for every sign.
  6. meditation & ritual, angel magic,
    house blessings, and more.
  7. complete appendices & planetary
    Includes everything from the Basic package plus a copy of your birth chart and all new moon placements for 2007 calculated for you.